Samantha Matt, Founder

Hi I’m Sam

I’m an author, editor, and content strategist with a lot of tweets you might have seen on Instagram! From 2011 to 2020-ish, I ran the website Forever Twenty Somethings and now I’m back with a new website: Forever Millennials! I’m the author of Average is the New Awesome: A Manifesto for the Rest of Us, a humorous self-help book that was published in 2020 by Seal Press/Hachette. I also run the popular Instagram account @averagepeopleproblems and sometimes make TikToks when my youthful spirit is feeling alive. Aside from Forever Twenty Somethings and a variety of Instagram accounts showcasing my tweets, my work can be seen on Parents, USA TODAY, Women’s Health, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, Reviewed, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, and more. I’m represented by Erin Niumata at Folio Literary.

I’m so excited to share words and nonsense with you all again. Thanks for stopping by <3 143 ilylas lol ROFL

-Your friendly annoying millennial, Sam